In todays world the definition of being social has evolved and is not only limited to the physical world anymore. With the emergence of social media platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat millennials feel the constant pressure of updating, connecting and sharing with their peers or as one of my friends likes to justify her behaviour 'you know Vici, the community NEVER sleeps'. New platforms like Periscope or Meerkat allow their users to share with their followers in real time, blurring the lines between the process of creating and sharing. One of my favourite examples is social media app Beme, which doesn't allow users to edit or view their recordings at all, but, instead activates a recording through the motion sensor on your smartphone. Loads of exciting things are happening in the tech world which are enabling us to pick and choose our preferred digital social channels. However, what happens if your digital social life takes over your actual, physical social life? So very often I've observed people (and myself!) walking about London with their faces stuck to their phones, headphones in their ears, appearing completely submerged in the digital reflections of their identities. I find this particularly interesting when it comes to the discussion of meeting people in 2016. Sometimes it seems to me that we have exchanged part of our real life conversations with digital ones, nurturing our addiction of controlling our personal image through dating apps or online blogs. What if that cute guy or girl you spotted on Carnaby Street would have looked up and saw you smiling at them? I'm convinced that thousands of potential friendships and relationships get lost every day due to our over-attachment to our phones. The worst part about it - you're literally signalising people around you that you are not to be disturbed, meanwhile preventing any human interaction or conversation. Don't get me wrong - I LOVE sharing things on social media, otherwise I would have never started a blog! I guess I just felt the need to write this article as I spent a lovely day with two of my friends yesterday, simply enjoying our company and discovering Pop Brixton, a South London pop up space featuring local food and fashion start ups. It's when you expose yourself to new environments and people that the true meaning of being social comes to play, a feeling that I'm convinced no app is able to replicate! So, I encourage you to get off your phones or to take a break from your five hour Netflix marathon and get yourself out there. If you're super brave I recommend you to leave your phones at home and simply experience the world consciously, live in the moment and experience the magic of being in a real life community of people. Once we open ourselves up to the world we start being completely present in our social interactions and the times we do share digitally become more fun too!


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