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I have often spoken about my strong belief in self-reflection on this blog, in living and acting consciously, as well as my love for sharing inspiring past experiences and discoveries.
Recently, I have realised one, significant thing about the act of reflecting - the focus this puts on the past, on analysing moments and feelings which have already gone by, which I’m not able to change anymore. Of course, it's possible to change your actions based on previous experiences or your attitude towards them, but, I don’t believe this is what makes us fully live up to our potential. So, I’ve decided to shift my focus from looking back to looking forward, to the person I want to become, rather then the person I have been. We all want to live a happy, content life, filled with love and positivity, success and excitement. The only question is, how can this be achieved? A book which has really altered my mindset on this topic is ‘The Miracle Morning’ by Hal Elrod. If you’re thinking ’Oh no, is this another one of these silly self development bibles?‘ you’re absolutely right, gold star to you! But, it’s unlike any of the other self development books I’ve read thus far, as it includes straight forward, actionable tips you can start implementing today which will have a profound impact on your quality of life and happiness. The basic concept of the miracle morning is to take sufficient time for yourself every, single morning - to meditate, practice affirmations, visualise, exercise, read and journal. I’m on day 11 of trying this new routine and feel as good as I haven’t felt in a long time! As I love sharing things that are meaningful to me and that I believe could have a positive impact on your life, I highly recommend you to read this book. It has shifted my focus and made me become much more of a 'forward thinker'. It’s incredibly powerful to start your day with affirmations to yourself on what you want to become, creating a vivid image of your goals in your mind and above all, mentally living this moment with all of the emotions attached to it. You are basically setting up your subconscious for success and become much more aware of opportunities that will bring you one step closer towards your goals. We are all entitled to living the life we want to live and have the inner resources to achieve, well, anything really! The act of looking forward has enabled me to not only become much clearer on what I really want in life, but also convinced my subconscious of the fact that this is my reality if I choose it to be!

Here’s to becoming the decision makers in our lives and to the most precious gift we can give ourselves - time!


... Despite the cold November weather, I've been exploring Berlin quite a bit lately. We've reached the point of the year when everyone is working towards the holidays. At Kulturbrauerei they are already setting up the Christmas market and at work everyone is competing to find the perfect outfit for my company's infamous Christmas party. To fuel ourselves with some fresh air and energy for the week to come, my friend and I headed to the 'real' Kreuzberg in Victoria Park, which offered a beautiful view over the city as well as a picturesque late autumn panorama.

After climbing Kreuzberg, we were keen to explore more green spaces and got off at Tempelhof station and walked across Tempelhofer Flugfeld towards Neukölln. We certainly didn't choose the best time of year to visit the former Berlin airport, which was closed down in 2008 and joins all ages for urban gardening, sports and camping activities.

We warmed up with Chai teas and lentil soup at Mama Kalo, a really cozy French café in Neukölln's Herrfurthstraße. It's very busy on weekends, but, was definitely worth the wait!

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