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New year, new you? That's a question I have asked myself plenty of times upon composing my annual New Year's resolutions. But let's face it: Only the very strong ones of us are going to stick to their plans of eating healthier and working out more - by February most of us will likely be back to our old habits. Still, writing down our resolutions does have its purpose as it makes us reflect on who we are and who we want to be. Apart from the common resolutions most of us share, this year I ended up adding one new point to my list...

□ Continue exploring London and all of the wonderful things it has to offer

Eager to fulfill at least one of my resolutions, my friends and I decided to head to Hoxton and to go for a walk around Columbia Road Flower Market. Struck by the beauty and the bold colours surrounding us, we decided to capture some of our favourite moments.

May they brighten your day and remind you of the fact that fulfilling resolutions can in fact be something very fun and enjoyable!


My outfit: Wearing a Burberry trenchcoat, a Uniqlo roll-neck and leather gloves by Roeckl

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