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Although spring has finally arrived in London, I have caught myself wearing the same dark and boring winter wardrobe of skinny jeans, grey jumpers and black coats over and over again. I feel like similar to other things in life, we often tend to settle for a particular situation or look once we found one we feel comfortable with. What we 'know' makes us feel safe and protected from the intimidating things life could throw at us at any time. Plus, within our busy schedules, we simply have no time and nerves to reinvent ourselves on a regular basis, right?
I'm definitely guilty of this thinking pattern and still believe that everyone should have a degree of continuity and security in their life. However, I am also convinced, that in order to grow as a person, it is necessary to get out of our comfort zone from time to time. Doing those things that scare us and challenge our abilities can have a huge impact on our self-confidence and happiness. This doesn't mean that we should all go bungee jumping or on a sailing trip around the world (although that does sound tempting) - even simple things like taking a cold shower in the morning or putting together a new outfit can make a big difference on how we feel and how we are perceived by others. There's a great interview featuring Jerome Jarre on that topic, which I highly recommend you to watch if this is something you might be interested in!

Since I decided to move country and live on my own I have found myself in challenging situations plenty of times. Building a new home away from home, making my own choices and taking responsibility for my actions is something that I am still working on every day - after all personal growth is a process that takes time and patience. Fashion in my opinion offers a really fun, low risk way of doing just that and getting out of our comfort zone.

The last time I had worn flares was when I was about eight years old. I had a black pair and a white pair (!!!), that were cut tight around the thighs and flaired out excessively around the lower legs. I used to wear them with hoop earrings and a crochet sequin hat - as you can imagine, I felt incredibly stylish! Feeling traumatised after seeing pictures of that particular outfit a few years later, I decided that I shall never wear flares again. However, something magical happened, that I like to call 'the power of fashion and its ability to manipulate you into thinking you need to have the most recent trend piece in your life, although it probably looks completely unflattering on you' resulting in me leaving Oxford Street with a brand new pair of denim flares. After having strictly worn skinny jeans for the past ten years, it truly took a lot of courage to wear this newest addition to my wardrobe out in public. Finally, this weekend I decided to get out of my comfort zone, put together a somewhat casual outfit to balance the dramatic appeal of the jeans and I ended up loving it! Aside from getting a few awkward looks on the tube (apparently I'm not the only one that needs to get used to this 70s revival), I survived the day feeling both confident and proud of having made this fashion statement.

No matter if it is fashion related or related to your job, relationships and other life decisions - get out of the comfort zone and face your personal 'flares' - you might be surprised about the consequences!


I was wearing: flares by M&S, my favourite Monki jumper, heeled boots by Zara, a Dries Van Noten blazer

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