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I love traveling. Still there is always a bit of work and preperation included before one can be rewarded.
As I was talking to a group of my friends last week, we noticed how there seem to exsist two kind of "packing-personalities". While some people like to pack super last minute, others like to start early on and take their time to pack. As to me, I definitely belong to the second category. I have always loved thinking about what I would pack for my holiday way before it started. As I got older, I even began making lists about what I should bring. I love the feeling of being prepared, especially because most of the times traveling itself is exciting enough. Apart from that I find it quite satisfying to cross things off a list, even if it's just a reminder to bring some bikinis - it's still an achievement! Over the years I have changed and updated my packing strategy and came up with these six easy steps to "packing-perfection" that will help you be prepared for your next travel.

Tip Nr.1 : As much as needed and as little as possible!
The most common mistake people and especially women make is to overpack. It has happened to me many times in the past, but don't worry - with the right outfit choices you only need a few things to look stunning day in and day out!

Tip Nr.2: Mix and Match is the key to success!
Try to pack pieces that you can combine with eachother so that you can create multiple outfit pairings. I can always recommend to take a few basic pieces: for instance a pair of denim jeans, a white blouse and a black blazer. Once you've got your base done you can start adding more fun, colorful and patterned pieces. For instance a printed shirt or a leather skirt. What also helps is to stick to one specific color palette or theme. For my previous holiday I for example chose a mix of blue, black and white with a pop of color. This way you end up with an almost endless amount of outift choices and still travel light!

Tip Nr.3: Think in outfits!
I know it can be very tempting to just go to your closet and throw any piece of clothing you like into your suitcase - you will however often end up packing way too much and still not have anything to wear! This is why I always try to think in outfits: What pants can I wear with what top, what jacket and what shoes? I promise you that „Outfit-thinking“ will make dressing yourself in the morning a lot easier!

Tip Nr.4: Dress for the occasion!
This rule might seem obvious, but still: think well about what kind of wardrobe is suitable for your travel. Are you going on a beach holiday, a business trip or to a big city? Always have in mind what the living conditions at the destination are, as well as what kind of activities you are going to take part in. Even just checking the current weather at your destination can help you be prepared.

Tip Nr.5: Document your work!
It may sound silly, but once you have figuered out an outfit you love, take a picture of it! No matter if you are taking a selfie or if you just take a picture of the outfit - this way you always have the picture as an reminder once you are on holiday and don‘t have to waste any time recreating outfits.

Tip Nr.6: Have fun!
Instead of stressing yourself about packing, make it a fun activity for yourself. Turn on some of your favorite music or invite your best friend over to help you pick out the right outfits. You‘ll see, him or her will come up with pairings you would have never thought of!

Attached you can find a few travel-friendly outfit ideas, as well as an example of how I mixed and matched some of the key pieces I packed.
Wherever you will travel to next - I hope these tips will help you start your holiday not at your destination, but already with your packing experience!


Outfit 1 - Wearing a vintage skirt and belt, Zara bag, Birkenstock sandals, Rayban sunglasses and Pimkie top

Outfit 2 - Styling the same Pimkie top and Zara bag with Mango pants, an Escada vest, H&M sandals and the same sunnies by Rayban

Outfit 3 - Wearing H&M shorts, Zara cropped blouse top, a vintage sequin top (worn the other way around as a vest), Escada bag, Birkenstock sandals and a hat bought at a street market in France

Outfit 4 - Pairing the same vintage sequin top with the same H&M shorts and Escada bag, vintage earrings, sandals by H&M

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