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Summer has officially arrived in Germany. The days are getting longer, the cafés are getting fuller and people generally seem to be in a better mood than in the colder months. The air is filled with the smell of freshly cut grass and once it rains, we are charmed by the sound of raindrops knocking against our window. Without getting too romantic about the beautiful things summer has to offer, I found myself inspired to portray one of the things that excite me the most about this time of the year - summer fashion.

I'm not talking about the ever so popular ethno maxi dresses and hipster - shorts (I don‘t judge, as a fact many of my friends adore the latter), that reveal your lower cheeks to the world, but more about the unique and breezy pieces - the simple things in fashion, that will never get out of style. This is why with the support of my dear friend and creative Brigitte Durst, owner of "Edelsecond" fashion store in Stuttgart, I came up with a few summer inspired outfit ideas, that stand as metaphors for this special season.

Instead of doing the expected and trying to fit all the colors of the rainbow into my wardrobe, I decided to go the opposite direction this time around. With outfits overall consisting of white pieces, that truely make us shine infront of the colorful background of the season - simple yet enjoyable just as the smells ans feels of summer.


Outfit 1 - Wearing a Jil Sander dress, a vintage clutch and Zara sandals

Outfit 2 - JCrew Top, vintage skirt, Totebag by Chanel, the same Zara sandals

Outfit 3 - Shorts by Zara, Linen Coat by E...DUE, plateau sandals by Zara

Outfit 4 - Wearing Cambio Jeans, a rich&royal blouse, a blazer as well as pointed heels by Zara, a vintage clutch

Special thanks to "Edelsecond" Stuttgart for lending me some of the amazing clothes shown in this article, as well as letting us shoot in the beautiful garden shown in the first look.

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