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One of the things I really wanted to do in 2015 was learn a new language. This last term I finally signed up to a beginners' French class and I couldn't be happier about my decision! Although, I'm still far away from being able to form sentences and engage in proper conversations (have you ever heard a French person speak, it's intense!), I'm taking it step by step and just enjoying the experience. One of the big pros of learning a new language is meeting other people who are just as motivated and passionate about their lingual endeavour as you. During our little French class holiday gathering, we started talking about the meaning of Christmas and how it's celebrated in each of our cultures. With students from China, Australia, Iran, South Africa and Korea it was a truly diverse gathering and everyone had different stories to tell! The interesting thing was that, no matter which religion or nationality, no matter if Santa brought your presents or the 'Christkind', or if Christmas was simply a reason to engage in some serious retail therapy, all of our 'Christmases' had one thing in common - the importance of being with your loved ones, catching up with relatives and friends and spending time celebrating food and family. As I'm getting older and soon reaching my second decimal, I have learned to prioritise and truly cherish the special relationships in my life. My time is limited and I enjoy surrounding myself with people who are just as enthusiastic and and happy about life as I am - in my opinion, that's the biggest holiday gift you can give to yourself and others!

On a lighter note, I put together a small selection of holiday looks which reflect my current state of mind. Special thanks to Edel Second and stylist Brigitte Durst for lending me some of the gorgeous vintage pieces and playing photographer for the day. I highly highly recommend any of the Stuttgarter's out there to head to Rosenstra├če and check out her very special store!

Wishing you all a merry Christmas and happy holiday season,

Look 1 - Wearing an Uta Raasch sequin skirt, a 50s vintage bag and Zara heels.

Look 2 - Wearing a 70s Valentino dress, vintage headpiece and clutch bag, heels by Kurt Geiger.

Look 3 - Wearing a vintage dress and earrings, Zara heels.

Look 4 - Wearing an H&M blazer, a vintage sequin blouse, Orwell trousers.

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