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Weekends in London are something special. Gone are the commuters and city workers that navigate the underground and streets with determination, the pencil skirts and suits stay in the closet and are replaced by jeans and trainers. Everyone generally seems to be a lot more relaxed and happy, simply enjoying London and the beautiful things it has to offer. In my opinion, the term city actually doesn't do London justice. For instance, after wandering the streets of East London in the morning and spending the afternoon in Chelsea, it almost feels like you have traveled to a different country, with its own sense of style and culture. Then, just when you reach the point where you feel like you really got to know an area, something changes yet again, making every weekend a new adventure. These pictures were taken on one of these weekend 'trips', when a quiet Sunday walk around Hampstead Heath was interrupted by a small fair that had been temporarily set up in the park. Of course we had to seize the opportunity, buy some candy floss, and attempt to win one of the stuffed animal minions. It's all about being spontaneous and embracing the change!


As it was still quite chilly outside, I decided to pair my casual H&M floral dress with one of my favourite blazers by Jigsaw and my well loved Dune London over the knee boots. I added my Jungmi Musetta Clutch for some sparkle.

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