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In my own history of fashion I have always seemed to go through certain phases. There for instance was that "All Pink Phase" when I was six years old, followed by the "No Pink at All" phase when I was about ten. After a "Tomboy Phase", a "Preppy Phase" and an "All Black Phase" I felt like I had finally arrived and found something, that some people like to call personal style. But as life goes, I was recently surprised to enter yet another phase, that is different to anything I have ever tried before.
Discovering the German fashion brand "Rich & Royal" turned my whole personal style world around and made me realize one important thing: it's not about consistency and being true to one specific look that makes out your personal style, but rather about the ability to be brave and try out something new every once in a while.

Style should be all about experimenting, being creative and having fun. In that sense, I am happy to share the latest and edgiest additions to my style, including printed sweatpants, leather jackets and distressed denim. Who knows, maybe they will inspire you to embrace your inner rockstar as well.


About Rich & Royal: Rich & Royal is a German based fashion company started by the two brothers Denis and Patrick Stupp. The brand creates fashion for the cosmopolitan, self confident woman that likes to express herself through her style and is not afraid to make a fashion statement. They are known for their high quality fashion pieces "made in europe" that have in the meantime conquered the hearts of many trendsetters from all over the world. The pieces shown in this article are all part of their current Autumn/Winter collection.

For more information about the brand go to www.richandroyal.de

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