Vorld of fashion / blickfang part 2 - Jungmi - A lable to watch.


I already talked about how much I enjoyed visiting the design trade show "blickfang", that took place in Stuttgart two weeks ago, in my post "blickfang part 1 - The different design trade show.". This week I would like to put the spot on a particular company I discovered at blickfang. Being a fashion lover, I officially support the saying that we reflect our personality through what we are wearing. What we forget sometimes, however, is the fact that fashion does not only include clothing, but also accessories. Accessories are what in my opinion give us the freedom of trying out new looks and having fun with our style. This especially applies to one type of accessory most women can't live without - the bag. I like to think that my obsession with handbags is not as bad as it could be. I for instance refuse to carry more than my wallet, cellphone, lipstick and organizer with me on regular bases. Handbags should be something that make my life easier and not cause me back pain at the end of the day. Because of these preferences I am constantly on the hunt for a bag that's more convenient, lighter and more unique than the ones I already own. Considering the variety of different designs, lables and sizes the markets are overflown with, this search can be quite the challenge. The more excited I was when I came across the bags by newcomer lable "Jungmi" at blickfang. I even had the chance to meet the creator of the brand, Ms Jungmi Ha. What made her designs really stand out to me was their simplicity paired with an elegance, that made the pieces look very chic and timeless. I also immediately noticed the softness of the material they were made of but coudln't tell what kind of leather was used. It was too light to be calfskin, but too soft to be snakeskin as well. This is where the advantage of being at a trade show paid off once again, considering I could ask Ms Ha personally about her designs. It turned out that the handbags, wallets and pouches are made out of eel leather and are exclusively manufactured in South Korea, the designer's home country. After having a look at the designs presented, I spotted a design that fitted my "handbag-portfolio" perfectly, their silver "Musetta - Clutch".
I love the fact that it includes both silver leather and gold hardware, so that I can combine it with all of my jewelry. The long strap can be worn cross body, over the shoulder or even strapless , which makes carrying the bag very comfortable. You do have to take care of it very well - the eel leather is very delicate and should be treated with a lot of love!

In the following two looks I wanted to show the versitility of the bag, pairing it as a daytime look, as well as a party / evening look, while only changing up a few of the things I'm wearing.

Thank you Jungmi for solving my "bag-problem" once and for all!


Jungmi designs can be purchased directly at "Goldknopf" in Charlottenstra├če 17 (www.goldknopf.net) in Stuttgart or in their online store www.jungmi-accessories.com.

altOutfit 1 - Topshop shirt, skirt by Maje, Falke tights, shoes are Nike Air, bag Jungmi "Musetta-Clutch"

altOutfit 2 - same Topshop shirt and Maje skirt, sequin dress by H&M, Zara shoes, bag Jungmi "Musetta-Clutch"

Special thanks to Klaudia Urban Photography for taking the pictures! ( http://klaudiaurban.smugmug.com/ )


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