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What is it that people always tell you about the friendships you make at school?

They are nice for the time being; it’s more or less a forced relationship; eventually everyone goes their seperate ways; at some point you will lose track of each other.
Although I would like to deny it - there definitely is some truth to every saying.

For my friends and me this last year turned out to be particularly challenging. While some of them were brave enough to continue with study in higher education, others sought for excitement and adventure on their travels through South America. Some of them were faced with living on their own for the first time and managing the "real world" of working and providing for themselves. Although all of our post-A-level-experiences couldn't have been more different, it feels like they all made us grow and get one step closer to becoming the adult we want to be. Now that all of us are scattered across Europe for work and study, I do find it quite hard to keep in contact with everyone. How do you stay close and engaged in someones life if you are separated by thousands of miles of air-line distance? The answer seems easy, but difficult at the same time - effort.
All it takes to communicate with my friends these days is a simple click on the "call-button" on Facetime and we can at least have a face-to-screen conversation.
Can you guess the number of times I have actually talked to one of my friends? Twice. It’s a shame and we all know it, but as each of us deals with this new chapter of our lives, we simply seem to forget about each other from time to time. When we do make plans to speak to eachother something tends to come up, which usually leads into us rescheduling, another priority coming up, eventually ending in "memory loss" once again.
Let me tell you one fact, though - the times I do get to talk to my friends and we actually listen to each other, it immediately takes me back to the numerous lunch breaks of laughter, home-cooked meals and gossiping. It’s such a good feeling to know, that even though we have stopped seeing each other on a regular basis, we are still able to relate to our problems and achievements in the same way we used to.
After all, my friends still have the ability to make me feel confident and loved and I hope I can support them in the same way.

How on earth does this melancholic rambling relate to fashion, you might ask?

Whether you believe it or not - clothes do also have the power to transport that "best friend feeling" of confidence, acceptance and reliability.
My personal best "fashion-friends" are blazers. Whatever the occasion - blazers always make me feel put together and confident.
You don't own a blazer yet? Don't worry - nowadays nearly every fashion brand (luxury or high street) offers a variety of different designs to chose from. My personal favorite blazer-destinations include Reiss, Zara, and Jigsaw.

While blazers make me feel absolutely fabulous, they might of course make you feel completely different. Similar to our choice of friends, our choice of style also seems to be a question of taste.

So what's your best fashion friend? Is it that odd jumper your grandma gave you for Christmas or that special pair of Diesel jeans that make your legs look amazing?
No matter if we're talking fashion best friends or real life best friends - let's not forget, that at the end of the day it will always pay off putting in the extra effort and being aware of their value…


Look 1 "Daytime"
Wearing an atmosphere blazer and pants, Gap T-shirt, H&M bag and Prada loafers - sunglasses purchased on Brick Lane

Look 2 "Nighttime"
Wearing the same outfit paired with Zara pointed boots, a vintage necklace and a Zara bag

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