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Don't you love Sundays? I do. There somehow appears to be something special about this one day of the week, when we are not only able to sleep in and have extended morning feasts, but even better - we are expected to spend it rewinding from work and worries. My personal perfect Sunday usually includes a very chilled morning of catching up on the latest episodes of my favorite TV shows, as well as having a home cooked meal with my family. The best thing about it all? That I get to stay in my pyjamas all day long.

Both sadly and luckily, not every day can be a Sunday. It’s the rare and special things in life, that make us feel truly motivated and excited for the future.

So what to do if you just don't want to lose the Sunday comfort? Do it the lazy way like I do, by staying in sleep wear all day long and incorporating it with chic and tailored pieces, that prevent you from looking too "just out of bed".

This way you can face the challenges of the work week and still be at your sunday - ease, conquering it one pair of pyjamas at a time…


In the following five looks, I paired some of my favorite pyjamas and sleep wear pieces to create both a dramatic and casual effect.

Look 1 "The Camisole" - Zara denim, camisole by atmosphere, vest by rich&royal, bag and pumps by Zara, sunglasses by H&M

Look 2 "The Dressing Gown" - Vintage dressing gown borrowed from my mum, longsleeve by Zara, shorts by Tally Weijl, vintage bag, H&M sunglasses, boots by Görtz 17

Look 3 "The Lingerie" - Pyjama shirt by Celestine, faux leather pants by rich&royal, pumps by Zara

Look 4 "The Pyjamas" - Blazer by Zara, booties by Aldo, pyjamas by Tchibo, necklaces by Swarowski

Look 5 "The Pyjama bottoms" - Blazer by Zara, vintage corset and clutchbag, pyjama bottoms by Tchibo, Aldo booties

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