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This month I had the amazing opportunity to attend an interview with founder of "The Business of Fashion" and self-announced "fashion nerd", Imran Amed. After finishing his business degree and working for prestigious consulting company McKinsey, Amed decided to pursue his interest in fashion by starting a blog called "The Business of fashion", that has now become one of the most appreciated business journals of the fashion industry. It was very inspiring to hear about his view on fashion, coming from a corporate business background and learning about how BOF went from blog to online newspaper. I felt particularly inspired by his view on today’s "fashion internationalism". According to him it is a must to "look for creativity beyond our own boarders" and to support designers with diverse backgrounds presenting their work at Fashion Week.

October's food experience took me completely by surprise. After a walk around Soho, my friend and I decided to have dinner at "Antidote", a very "parisian-like" wine bar around the corner from Carnaby Street. We took a seat on the second floor, overlooking the buzz of Soho and spent two hours indulging in the best food, that I've had in London so far. Although we both only ordered three courses as opposed to the five course tasting menu (which did seem very tempting), we were treated to a beetroot sorbet and butternut squash amuse-bouche before and two homemade chocolate and salted caramel truffles after our dinner. I highly recommend any foodies out there to give Antidote a try, or even just visit the wine bar downstairs and try some of their french tapas, charcuterie and cheeses.


Since the weather has been getting colder in London, I have fallen in love with cashmere jumpers again. I found my new favorite in the mens' section at COS, the slightly upgraded, more sophisticated scandinavian sister of H&M. Cashmere is a wonderful and luxurious fabric, that always makes me feel the "right amount of warm" - even during sauna season in the London tube.
COS is an old favourite that has found its way back to my heart. Apart from its unique design aesthetic and its focus on innovative and natural fabrics, the customer service and attention to detail (don’t you just love the crinkling sound of silky wrapping paper) is what I really appreciate about the brand.

Contrasting the "haute-cuisine-like" dinner I had in Soho is yet another new discovery located near Covent Garden. "Brioche" offers a simple selection of homemade burgers and sides from traditional beef and pulled pork to exotic duck with an unexpected twist. All of their ingredients are locally sourced and seasonal reflecting the overall very sustainable feel of the tiny restaurant. I surprisingly enjoyed their veggie portobello mushroom burger with different types of cheese and caramelised onions, while their homemade blueberry pie with clotted cream formed the perfect ending to a simple yet delicious meal.

October has been a colourful and busy month and I'm finally feeling like I have arrived in London. From managing student life to getting around the city with the tube, everything seems to come natural to me by now. The other day I even caught myself moaning about the annoying tourists blocking my way, completely forgetting that a few weeks ago I was literally one of them. While living in Central London you feel like there's always something to do, it has become a habit for me to escape to the more quiet areas of the city on the weekends. Having time to reflect on and rewind from the craziness going on during the week, it almost feels like a short holiday.
It's these precious moments when I really appreciate London life, with all its different contrasts and moods.


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