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I can't believe October has gone by and we are heading towards Christmas - from Selfridges to Liberty, everyone has opened their Christmas departments and supermarkets are selling advent calendars and chocolate santas. It was back to university at the beginning of the month, which has kept me busy, however, I also made sure to take time for other important things in life - friends, family, fashion and delicious home-cooked food. There's something about autumn that makes me want to stay home, invite my loved ones and play Ella Fitzgerald songs - so that's what we did!
Of course, I couldn't miss the two fashion exhibitions, which took place this month, Louis Vuitton Series 3 and Mademoiselle Privé. Furthermore, at the end of the month, I had the chance to meet fashion consultant and publisher of Tank magazine, Caroline Issa, who has been one of my role models for some time now. With a business degree from Wharton, she is not only super smart, but also incredibly kind and stylish!

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Experience //

Caroline Issa and J.Crew hosted an evening of drinks, macarons and gorgeous preppy fashion at J.Crew in South Kensington at the end of the month. Accompanied by one of my friends we spent the evening mingling, looking at the new autumn/winter collection and chatting with the lovely hostess herself. I loved the layout and visual merchandising of this particular J.Crew, which gave the store a super exclusive, intimate and boutique-like atmosphere.

Discovery //

After the huge success of the Savage Beauty exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum, many other fashion brands have discovered the potential which lies in creating exhibitions about their heritage and aesthetic. Both, Louis Vuitton Series 3 and Mademoiselle Privé came free of charge and attracted masses of people, inviting visitors to take pictures to share on social media and seamlessly integrating the digital and physical.

While Louis Vuitton Series 3 was focused on the present collections of the brand, celebrating the work of Nicolas Ghesquière, Mademoiselle Privé aimed to tell the history of Chanel and its founder Coco Chanel and how in some way, her spirit is still omnipresent and at the heart of every collection. The exhibition took place at Saatchi Gallery near Sloane Square and was spread over three floors.

Some of you might know that Chanel, in fact, started her career in fashion creating hats for the upper class. Her first store was opened in Paris' Rue Cambon in 1910 and funded by her partner and lover Arthur 'Boy' Capel, who died of a tragic death in 1919.

Some claim, that the iconic Chanel logo of interlocking C's had its heritage in the glass windows of a chapel in the catholic orphanage in Aubazine, where Gabrielle Chanel grew up.

My favourite part of the exhibition was a room filled with white Chanel fabrics, including beautiful silk, tweed, bouclé and other textiles, which were hung from the ceiling and complimented by shadow-like projections of Chanel's model fittings.

The olfactory room dramatically presented a collection of different essences of scent which are united in the iconic Chanel N°5 perfume.

A short film created by Karl Lagerfeld re-enacted a scenario in which the ghost of Coco Chanel wakes up in her apartment in Rue Chambon and discovers the changes, which have been made to her atelier and couture house. It concludes in a discussion between Chanel and Lagerfeld, in which he justifies his contribution and creative direction to the brand, claiming that he does not 'copy' but consciously 'quote' and thereby honour and evolve Coco Chanel's life's work.


Experience //

Although, I don't live a vegan lifestyle, I'm always curious to learn about new trends in the culinary world. In the hope to try some delicious food and to have loads of free healthy-ish treats, my friends and I headed to Vegfest, a vegan convention and trade fair. I was blown away by the amount of people who live on a vegan diet and came up with ideas of how to recreate their favourite dishes in a dairy-, gluten-, and meat-free way. To be honest, I wasn't the biggest fan of the vegan cheese, sausage and steak options on offer and don't really see the purpose of recreating non-vegan dishes as they will unlikely come close to the real thing. Why not stick to fresh vegetables and fruit instead? Nevertheless, we ended up leaving the fair with a selection of delicious vegan food, including chickpea curry and Pad Thai - the vegan apple crumble and baklava weren't bad either.

Discovery //

As much as I wanted to tell you about a new, hip and exciting restaurant in London, I honestly just didn't get around to find one this month! This was mainly due to my decision to eat healthier and save some money, as well as due to my rediscovered love for cooking. This Halloween weekend, my flatmate and I decided to go all out and prepare the ultimate comfort food - duck breasts with red cabbage, Brussel sprouts and mashed potatoes. The best part about it? The meal was super affordable and easy to cook yet sooo delicious (I should, however, warn you about the food coma you'll be in afterwards!).

Did you know the Oxford Street Christmas lights will be switched on 1 November? These are two pictures I took the other day, which represent the view from my university campus - not to bad, isn't it?

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