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Upon entering Fortnum & Mason one immediately feels taken back in time. From the staff, dressed in posh uniforms, to the precious interior of the department store founded in 1707, everything contributes to the creation of a wonderful retail fantasy world, where I would willingly stay forever. Apart from its enchanting looks, however, the products are what really make this British institution shine. Offering a selection of exquisite teas (my personal favorite is called 'Wedding breakfast', a black tea especially created for Kate & William's wedding), patisserie, chocolates and more, this store truly appeals to all senses. For anyone searching for that special Christmas present - Fortnum and Mason is the place to go!

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'Women Fashion Power' - the most recent exhibition taking place in the Design Museum clearly holds what its title suggests. Telling a wonderful story about how the meaning of fashion and the relationship between clothing and women has changed over the past decades, it offers a unique and fresh insight into how women have used fashion as a tool of empowerment. The exhibition displays a number of antique and vintage pieces and objects, for instance one of the first sketches of Yves Saint Laurent's legendary womens' suit. Apart from illustrating past decades it also includes a selection of contemporary garments, that have been borrowed from the closets of the most inspiring and confident women in politics, business and the arts such as Vivienne Westwood, Natalie Massenet and Anne Hidalgo.


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Not having been home for almost 4 months, I am slowly but gradually beginning to miss German culture and food. It's the small things in life like wholemeal bread and uncrowded trains, that make me even more excited to return home for the holidays. The more excited I get when I do discover a part of my heritage in London. On my recent trip to Marylebone (I still don't know how to pronounce it!) I was surprised to find a restaurant offering some of my favorite local feel-good foods, including Schnitzel, SpƤtzle and roasted beef. I highly recommend to anyone suffering from culinary homesickness to pay 'Fischer's' a visit!

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One of the luxuries of living in London is having access to an endless variety of international brands and independent boutiques. One specific store my friend introduced me to is 'Uniqlo', a Japanese retailer offering simple and classic designs in multiple fabric and colour choices. While Uniqlo's prices appear to be quite reasonable, I was really surprised about the actual product quality and additional service offerings, such as free alterations. I was able to pick up my altered pair of jeans after just one hour! I particularly love Uniqlo's selection of jumpers (see picture at the top of the article) - available in many different variations from wool to cashmere, anyone can find something suiting their budget and preference.

I can't believe that November has passed and my first term of univerisity is coming to a close. Looking back I am extremly grateful for the people I got to meet and the new experiences I made. One of them is experiencing winter in London, including the daily sunset at 4 o' clock in the afternoon. Therefore I spend a lot of my days wandering through the darkness of the city and admiring it from many new perpectives. Although the daily routine has set in, there's always something new to discover and new memories to be made...


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