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This month I had the chance to collaborate with some very talented people from the London College of Fashion to create a unique book about London style. While not everyone likes to follow trends, most people possess their own sense and definition of style. We went out to the streets of North, East, South and West London to get the real Londoners' perspectives on style - talking to lawyers, builders, students and even police officers, who are mostly ignored by the fashion press.
You can pick up your own copy of STYLE.IS at the London College of Fashion Marketplace, 8 June 1PM - 3.30PM at 272 High Holborn or at 20 John Princes Street. There is also the option to preorder the book before our online store launches next week - please email style.is.london@gmail.com if you are interested.
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Selfridges recently hosted a talk featuring the three bloggers Navaz Batliwalla, Olivia Purvis and Toni Tran on the topic of blogging as a business venture. It was interesting to hear how each one of them grew their audience by time and how this influenced their content. Full-time blogger Olivia opened up about the reality of blogging as a job, which according to her is often far from the glamorous lifestyle portrayed online. From changing outfits in public restrooms to finding the motivation to develop a daily routine, being a professional blogger takes a lot of discipline.
That blogging can open the door to other potential careers was proven by architecture graduate Toni Tran, who in addition to maintaining partnerships with various luxury brands, has recently started to design his own pieces (he is wearing one of his creations in the picture below).



If there are two things in the world that make me truly happy it's my family and great food. Therefore, it was such a joy to take my parents to La Poule Au Pot, a wonderful French restaurant in Belgravia. In my opinion, the restaurant offers great value, as the food is prepared with the best quality ingredients and expertise, allowing for maximum levels of taste. Combined with the special atmosphere and the great service provided, La Poule Au Pot is the perfect place to come for special occasions!


Moving house has allowed me to discover many new areas in the South of London, one of them being Lewisham. While the Southbank and Borough are becoming ever more popular tourist destinations, the South East remains both an authentic and exciting destination. Brockley Market takes place every Saturday and joins various stalls selling locally sourced produce, as well as freshly cooked food. I highly recommend taking a trip to the market if you want to escape the business of central London, breath some fresh air and indulge in the delicious, home made hamburgers, cakes or pizza. Also, make sure you visit the both impressive and very special antiques store down the road!


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