Looking back on the past almost two years in London, this month must have been one of the happiest ones by far. The city has been in full bloom, winter coats have been exchanged for dresses, everyone seems to be laughing, loving, drinking and generally just enjoying the warmer days. I have tried to spend as much time as possible outside, going for bike rides through Hyde Park or meeting friends for refreshing Pimms on the South Bank. If you ever plan to visit London, May is a great time to experience and discover the city! I still haven't stopped exploring as there's always new and exciting things happening, read on to find out about some of my recent favourites...


Reinventing trousers

2016 seems to be the revival of experimental and fun shapes of trousers. Say farewell to our beloved, flattering skinny jeans and hello to culottes and another recent discovery of mine, cropped flares. The ones I'm wearing below are white denim ones with frayed edges from H&M and completely out of my comfort zone yet so freakin' fly. I love pairing them with my Stan Smiths, my sleeveless turtle neck, a copy of this month's Wired magazine (it includes a special on wearable tech featuring the London College of Fashion!) and a lot of attitude, perfect for the very changeable English weather. Always remember, as long as you're confident in what you're wearing, you're going to look and feel fabulous!

St John Maltby

This next discovery is a true one of a kind, which I booked for a dinner with my flatmate and her auntie the other night. It was funny to see their slightly funny and surprised faces when we entered the restaurant - it clearly wasn't the type of place they had expected me to pick out. St. John Maltby is located in a rather small, simplistic space in a railway arch along the 'ropewalk' in Bermondsey. It's part of a group of London based culinary ventures by Fergus Henderson and Trevor Gulliver and serves a every changing small selection of locally sourced ingredients, home made bread and the best of what British cuisine has to offer. I'm aware that people from other European countries (Germans are not an exception) often think of British food as unimaginative and tasteless. This is such a shame as the country has, indeed, so much to offer on a plate. We had a selection of their starters such as their duck ham and apple jelly, as well as the Welsh rarebit, which was unlike anything I had ever tasted before, followed by pigeon with beetroot and a Middlewhite chop as a main accompanied by a glass of wine and loads of culinary satisfaction. Words can't describe the quality and taste of the food - this is the type of place I enjoy sharing and that I'll come back to again and again. It's not about fancy table settings or posh waiters but simply about honest, good food and drinks, best enjoyed in the company of good friends and topped off with friendly and personal service. I Highly, HIGHLY recommend this restaurant to, well, anyone!

On a side note, my equally loved new favourite choker comes from a recent LCF student startup called 'The Deserted' - their jewelry is handmade and designed by students and can be ordered online. Share the love and order a necklace if you're looking for a beautiful and affordable gift or if you want to add some edge to your outfits.


The Chelsea Flower Show

A huge part of fashion retail is concerned with visual merchandising (how products are displayed and assembled in-store and in the shop windows), in fact, my university has a course solely dedicated to this craft! The Chelsea flower show took place this month and I missed to book tickets yet again (tbh, with 80GBP entry fee my subconscious must have stopped me from remembering it!) - however, I managed to have a look at the various visual merchandising concepts the shops around Sloane Square and Duke of York Square had come up with to celebrate the show. Get ready for a range of colourful images that literally scream spring!

Granger & Co

Without a doubt, this month I had the brunch of a lifetime at Granger and Co near Kings Cross station. The restaurant was founded by restaurateur Bill Granger, who has been steadily expanding his empire beyond his home country Australia. To celebrate my fabulous friend's 21st birthday we ordered peach bellinis, their Acai bowl, the courgette fritters with halloumi and tahini joghurt and their ricotta hotcakes which were incredibly indulging, fluffy and delicious. Afterwards, we made more memories and went for a stroll along the canal towards Regent's Park - of course we had to stop for some important birthday outfit snaps, laughs and kisses in between.

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