This month came as a collection of random yet happy and non-fashion related experiences and discoveries. Above all, I found time to reconnect with London, finish another term at university and hopefully defeat the last cold I'll have for a while. Spring has officially sprung and I can't wait to recharge my body with lots and lots of vitamin D.


TEDxUAL was a series of talks at Central St Martins organised by Ellie Armstrong - an event titled 'state of the art' which joined artists, scientists and entrepreneurs who spoke about their personal 'ideas worth spreading'. The talks were truly inspiring and very diverse and lived from the speaker's passion about their craft such as Dr. Nadine Chahine's talk about the meaning of type face design in the context of the modern day Arabic language. I also enjoyed to gain an insight into an artist's mind through Conrad Shawcross presentation of his inventive, geometrical sculptures which can be seen all across London. If you've never seen a Ted talk, head to youtube as there's a database of hundreds of thousands of minutes of great content on every topic you might think of.


Maltby Street Market has to be my new favourite market and I can't believe I hadn't been there before as it's located in my neighbourhood. The market is hosted out of the railway arches near Tower Bridge and consists of a variety of artisan food and drink stalls selling everything from organic chocolate to burgers, Spanish ham and seafood. I also thought the outdoor gin bar was a brilliant invention which had people socialising over gin and tonics for lunch.


Newport Street Gallery is simply a beautiful place. The architecture of the building is incredible, I adored the art works by John Hoyland on display and was blown away when I stepped into the art installation meets restaurant called pharmacy 2 which recently opened in the building. This genius of concept was brought to life by no one else but Damien Hirst, who opened the gallery in 2015 and collaborated on the restaurant with London based restaurateur Mark Hix. They really took the pharmacy motto all the way - I'm talking empty pill boxes, syringes, rubber gloves and face masks as decor, medicine cabinets on the walls and atomic models in the window paneling. We had coffee at the bar which was the perfect way to end a walk through the exhibition!

Wishing you a wonderful, sunny spring season and happy Easter to those of you who celebrate!


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