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Another month has passed and I'm looking back on some of the exciting things that happened in June, one of them being me finishing my first year at the London College of Fashion! I can't believe that it has almost been a year since I packed my suitcase and took off for my biggest adventure yet. It's been a great year and I'm incredibly thankful for the people I got to meet and the many places I discovered and documented on this blog - friendships were made, internships were completed and the distance from home has reminded me once again about the important things in life. London has had a great impact on the person I have become and it will continue to do so in the future. Thank you London, I can't wait to see what's yet to come...


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There is no doubt that the Victoria and Albert Museum, the V&A, is on every Londoners' list of favourite places. Its beautiful architecture, the variety of exhibitions and the fact that the majority of them are free of charge have entirely changed my relationship to museums. Instead of being inapproachable and a destination where you feel obliged to see every exhibition in order to get your money's worth, the V&A is more like your favourite restaurant, where you keep on going back to to try every dish on the menu. When talking about the V&A one must obviously mention 'Savage Beauty', the majorly and rightfully celebrated exhibition, which showcases the work and legacy of designer Alexander McQueen. Props to you if you remembered to get tickets in advance and got to see this both intimidating and fascinating spectacle of fashion - if you haven't, head down to the V&A ASAP as there is a limited number of tickets left for sale. For anyone who has already seen Savage Beauty or couldn't get a ticket, 'Shoes - Pleasure and Pain' is another interesting exhibition which has recently opened, as well as 'What is Luxury' (see images below), which presents a variety of visionary and ancient objects that belong into this category.


I have recently fallen in love with denim pieces again - in particular my vintage denim jacket has become an everyday style staple, as it's incredibly easy and versatile to wear. I love pairing it with jeans and a t-shirt for a more casual look, but also wear it on top of more elegant evening dresses to give some edge to an outfit. Another denim piece that has had a comeback this summer is the denim dress. Same story - super easy and comfortable to wear and perfect for London summers!

Wearing a vintage denim jacket, Être Cécile knit jumper and neoprene skirt, Aldo boots, Monki clutch and sunglasses

Wearing a Zara denim dress, Nike Thea trainers, Chanel bag, Monki sunglasses

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Flesh and Buns is one of these very hyped and very trendy restaurants in Covent Garden, which keeps on coming up on timeout when I'm on the lookout for new, exciting, culinary ventures. This month I finally decided to give in and gave the restaurant a try, joined by one of my favourite German Londoners. We ordered a variety of their starters such as tuna and salmon sashimi and my current obsession Ceviche, as well as their signature buns. Although, I found that their menu was a quite unusual Asian meets American meets European fusion as it included dishes such as matcha crème brûlée, guacamole with rice crackers or passion fruit s'mores, the overall quality and taste of the food was very satisfying.


It's not a secret that I am madly in love with Hampstead, the North London borough home to Parliament Hill, the best Creperie in London and this new discovery I made on one of my many Sunday walks around the area. Louis Patisserie serves a variety of delicious cakes, biscuits and teas in a lovely setting of antique porcelain and silver plates. The Hungarian Café can be quite crowded on Sundays but is still worth the wait - if you're impatient you can always get some cake to take away and head to Hampstead Heath for a picnic and afternoon swim in the ponds.

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