Change. A magical word, that is continuously impacting our lives on so many levels. Living abroad, meeting new people, adapting to a new culture and managing my life independently was an exciting and at times daunting venture, but, I'm so glad I trusted my intuition and did it anyway! Now, two years later, I've discovered the city from North to South and West to East and do feel somewhat settled in the multicultural, always evolving hub that is London.

I have recently gone through a period of hardcore reflecting and questioning, rethinking my views and plans of the future both professionally and personally. What can I say, it's been quite scary! After finishing college and choosing my course of study, I was convinced I had put an end to the uncertainty a recent graduate usually faces. Looking back, I've observed that when you have something to focus on and put your energy into, it's easy to get lost in the moment and lose the ability to look at your life in the big picture. So, two years later, I have come to accept that the uncertainty and deciding does, in fact, never stop. Life is a continuous process of change and you know what, I'm thankful for it!

July 2016, change is ahead yet again and will have me move country, again. This time I'm heading back to the homeland, to put my academic knowledge to the test and work full-time in our buzzing, largely vegan and hipsteresque capital, Berlin. I'm excited for this new adventure and can't wait to share my experience with you, one post at a time.



I had the opportunity to spend a few days back home last month and met up with Stuttgart's most creative stylist, Brigitte Durst. I have reported about her unique vintage store on Rosenstra├če many times before, and had promised her I would let her style and photograph me the next time I'm back home. The result of this promise can be reviewed in the pictures below, which had me REALLY go out of my comfort zone style-wise and rock patterns and colours I would have NEVER, NEVER chosen. It honestly felt like an adult version of playing dress up - only with Issey Miyake and Moschino pieces instead of Disney princess costumes.


Let me tell you a secret - before I moved to London I had never (ever!!) had Indian food before! After going to Dishoom a couple of times (which is decent, although I absolutely hate the fact they make you queue up like a 15 year old trying to get into the city's hippest nightclub, I just want to have some dinner, people!) my friend Amrit volunteered to introduce me to the real deal. So, a group of German girls (including my auntie who was in London to visit) headed to Osterley for a very special culinary experience that had all of us fall in love with Indian food. For anyone equally obsessed with good food and willing to take the trip to West London, I highly highly recommend King Karahi on Great West road!

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