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While I was still in high school and far away from the exciting industry that is fashion, I used to love creating inspirational collages made out of pictures of clothing, places or people, that I would cut out of my favourite fashion magazines. I'm a visual person and to this day still enjoy documenting my style. This is why I was immediately hooked when I discovered Vernez, a new app created to enable users to discover new styles, follow and shop their favourite garments and receive and share outfit inspiration. On top of that, Vernez' editorial account also informs you about the hottest trends and fashion news. Things are always changing in the fashion industry, so it's great to have one place to shop, create and share all things fashion! Did I mention that the app is free?
Vernez has kindly provided me with an exclusive invite code, which means that you can join the fun today! The code is: kkalcmdnjq and you can download Vernez from the app store. Make sure you follow me for more styling inspiration and look out for the Vogue digest channel, as I will soon be posting exciting editorial content on there.

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As much as I love wearing dresses and skirts, nothing will ever beat the coolness of a well cut suit! This summer I have exchanged my beloved trousers and tailored blazers for this super lightweight suit with a more relaxed fit by asos, which is perfect for summer nights. Another current favourite of mine are these sunglasses by the Parisian company see concept. They are available in a great variety of shades and colours and were a lifesaver during my time in sunny Puglia!


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During my stay in Italy I of course couldn't miss the Expo Milano , which is set around the topic of 'Feeding the Planet' and taking place until October 31 this year.
With 140 countries participating, it was quite the challenge to see even a small part of the exhibitions, especially during temperatures of 38°C and over. Some of the pavilions did a great job of telling a story and teaching the visitors valuable lessons about their ideas of providing sufficient, sustainable sources of food. The British pavilion, for example, was built to remind the public of the importance of bees in our ecological system, while the Belgian pavilion demonstrated new technological developments, such as the aquaponic cycle system, paired with eatable examples of their culinary culture. From the pavilions I saw, the German one was by far my favorite (and I'm not just saying this for patriotic reasons!), as it offered an interactive experience, made to educate the visitors in a playful and entertaining way. Each visitor was given a cardboard square, which was equipped with sensors, allowing you to watch short, informing films and access information about topics such as solar energy, the revitalisation of soil and nutrition. The tour ended with a short concert by a young duo of musicians, who encouraged the visitors to participate and reinforced the message of the exhibition to 'be active'.

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On one of our trips along the coastline of Puglia, we discovered this amazing restaurant located in 'Marina di Novaglie', a small bay near Santa Maria di Leuca in the South of Italy. Lo Scalo offers specialities of the region, such as the famous 'orecchiette' pasta and a selection of the freshest, most delicious seafood and fish sourced directly from the Mediterranean. Paired with a bottle of local wine and the sound of the waves and fishing boats leaving and arriving in the harbour, a visit at lo Scalo is like a short holiday itself!

After a wonderful month of traveling I will be returning to London soon. I always find that even short breaks away from the city and everyday life work wonders - spending time in new surroundings, reflecting on life and experiencing new cultures reminded me once again of the importance of enjoying life and living in the moment!

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