Vorld / January

VORLD / January

I've spent a large portion of January with my loved ones, celebrating, eating and dancing my way through the month. It felt great to reconnect with friends and family and made me appreciate all of the support I receive on a daily basis. After spending a wonderful winter break back home, I was excited to return to London, start my second term of Uni and continue discovering the city…


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Borough market offers everything a food lover could wish for - pressed juices, cheese, charcuterie and freshly cooked curries are available at this Southbank institution. Get there early on a Sunday and start your day with fresh croissants and a walk along the thames - perfection!

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Being slightly obsessed with the BBC TV series 'Sherlock' I just couldn't miss the exhibition 'Sherlock Holmes - The Man Who Never Lived And Will Never Die' taking place at the London Museum. The exhibition includes art, props and installations relating to the detective phenomenon created in 1886 by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. I found it particularly interesting to see how the detective's costume changed over the years from his deerstalker hat to the tailored Belstaff coat made famous by Benedict Cumberbatch.


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'Long white cloud' is a lovely café located in Hoxton, just around the corner from Columbia Road Flowermarket. It's the perfect weekend brunch spot as it offers a variety of delicious breakfast classics with a twist, such as French toast with bacon and banana (it tastes better than it sounds!) or scrambled eggs with salmon and avocado. Another plus - the staff is super friendly and welcoming and the café is also used as a gallery space, featuring up and coming artists from London. Good food and enchanting art? It doesn't get better than this.

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January ended with a trip to the bloggers' market in Camden, an event hosted by the lovely Carrie from "wishwishwish", Olivia from "What Olivia Did", Lucy from "Shiny Thoughts", Kristabel from "I want you to know" and Dunya from "Dearest Deer". Selling clothing and accessories straight from their closets, it was a wonderful opportunity to find some real bargains, get a new hairstyle and have a nice chat along the way.

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