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It's universal knowledge by now that I love discovering new places and sharing my experiences on this blog - Bermondsey is part of London's Southwark borough and is slowly establishing its status as one of the small yet charming artistic and culinary hubs of the city. What I love about the area around Bermondsey Street is its diverse mix of art galleries, restaurants, cafés and independent shops, which make it the perfect weekend destination. Thus, I thought I'd put together a small guide to the area, hopefully inspiring you to check out some of the places yourself!


The first time I passed the White Cube I was convinced it formed part of an office building and was not accessible to the public. Maybe because of this slightly uninviting and clean outer appearance, the gallery has largely remained a destination known only to a few Londoners and art connoisseurs. The gallery opened its doors in 2011 and was designed by London and Berlin-based architects Casper Mueller Kneer and holds a changing collection of contemporary art pieces.

Underdog Art is another, slightly less established independent art gallery on Crucifix Lane with regularly changing exhibitors. We walked in shortly before the owner was closing down for the day and had a look at the quirky Star Wars themed exhibition, which was great fun and a refreshing take on the science fiction phenomenon.

On the occasion of the 140th anniversary of Liberty, the Soho based department store and London institution, the Fashion and Textile Museum tells the story of the company founded in 1875 by Arthur Lasenby Liberty.

Shortwave Cinema on Bermondsey Square shows a changing mix of Hollywood blockbusters (the Revenant with Leo Dicaprio is on atm), independent and arthouse films. It also holds a cosy bar / café space, which is perfect for having drinks with friends before or after seeing a film!


Recently I have rediscovered my love for coffee (maybe as a way to make up for the lack of sleep I have been getting since I have been back in London). I'm always on the look out for nice coffee shops with a relaxed vibe and healthy hipster to citizen ratio. The Watch House ticks all of the above criteria and offers delicious pastries and sandwiches, service, atmosphere and above all pretty amazing coffee!


Dante's Flowers is this small flower shop which is next to Hey Coffee on Bermondsey Square. Buy beautiful bouquets on the spot or book the services of the owner for special occasions.

Lovely and Birtish is a lovely and British shop on Bermondsey street which sells everything from handmade jewelry to antique furniture and leather goods.

Studying fashion I keep on being told how the passive consumer is no more and that stores have to offer an experience to capture the attention of a new breed of 'prosumers'. London Glassblowing is a great example of how this can be done in an integrated way as customers can not only purchase the hand crafted glass pieces in store, but also watch the glass makers work on new designs.


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