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One of the things that I looked forward to the most when I made the decision to move to London was the prospect of meeting new, inspiring people from all over the world. I am in the lucky position of having found a group of lovely friends, who support each other and have told me many new things about their culture and heritage. When one of those people invited me to come and visit her in her home country, Belgium, I of course could not resist! The result was a wonderful and relaxing weekend, which included sightseeing in the capital Brussels, the tasting of irresistible local specialities and a lively road trip to the surrounding villages. Thanks C for a truly unforgettable experience!

If you want to get in the mood of my weekend, I suggest you put on 'Reality' by Lost Frequencies feat Janieck Devy, lean back and enjoy the colourful selection of images about to come...


Concept stores and chocolate heaven - Brussels:

L'atelier en ville is a concept store that has recently opened on Rue Haute. Apart from a designer boutique, visitors can also have coffee and home made tea creations, whilst taking a seat at one of the designer tables available for sale.

Place du Grand Sablon joins a variety of chocolate stores, bakeries, boutiques and interior design stores such as Flamant, where both good taste and style is the norm.

Galeries St Hubert is a 'must-see' place on any travelers' checklist, as it was one of the world's first shopping arcades. If not for the history, I would highly recommend you to go there and try out some free sweets in the various épiceries and chocolateries, such as Leonidas or Pierre Marconlini. (While writing this I actually had to get up and grab some chocolate!)

The restaurant on the upper floor of the music museum offers an amazing view over Brussels and the royal palace.

To rest after an exhausting day of chocolate tasting, we ordered some home made watermelon juice at Peck 47 in Rue Marche Aux Poulets, before heading to the countryside for the rest of the weekend.

Country flair and colourful markets - Flemish Brabant and Leuven:

To embrace our multiculturalism, we decided to prepare some home made Pimm's (well C prepared and I watched!). For one glass you should mix 1 part of Pimm's with 3 parts of lemonade (we used Canada Dry) - add ice, chopped cucumber, apples and berries and garnish with a sprig of mint - super refreshing and delicious!

On Fridays there is a big market set up in the town center of Leuven, where one can buy local produce, freshly made sugar waffles (I obviously had to try one!), knitting supplies and clothing. We also browsed around Dille & Kamille, a kitchen supply and interior design store, which must be every housewives' heaven.

I'm wearing a dress by Zara, my vintage wayfarers and a Joseph tote bag.

We decided to have lunch at In de Molen and ordered the national dish moules-frites.

I ended my short stay in Belgium with a trip to the surrounding villages Hoegaarden and Tienen. Apart from being known for its beer breweries, there is also a stunning park located in Hoegaarden called De tuinen van Hoegaarden. We walked around the gardens and made friends with some of the area's natural inhabitants along the way.

C is wearing an être cécile top, adidas sneakers and shorts by Zara. Her glasses are by Le Specs.

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