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The past week I found myself thinking about a conversation I had overheard on the topic of friendship and change. It went something like this:

Friend 1: "Have you seen her lately? She has changed so much over the last couple of months - she's not the same person she used to be."
Friend 2: "I totally agree - she's just not "real" anymore - I can’t stand it when people don’t stay true to themselves."

It's funny how change is often regarded as something negative rather than something positive. When it comes to friendships it seems to be a question of tolerance and respect if one can accept change or is left seeing it as a threat.
I'm convinced that people and life in general would be pretty boring without change. Isn't change the force that drives us to discover new strengths, reflect upon our weaknesses, find and share inspiration from and with other people and have those life-altering experiences everyone is always talking about? I'm truly thankful and glad that I have evolved from being the person I was for instance a year ago and still feel like I am in a constant process of change, challenging me to adapt to my environment and the people around me and making me a bit more confident every day.

Finishing my internship at a German fashion company, moving to London, living on my own and starting Uni has turned my whole world upside down and came with a lot of new experiences and


Food /

Last month I had the chance to try out peruvian cuisine for the very first time. While my "flavor palette" usually revolves around Italian, Asian and German food, I was suddenly confronted with a whole different world of texture, color and taste. Visiting the restaurant "Lima Floral" at Covent Garden was one of the best food experiences I have had in a long time. From the lovely service to the delicious drinks and food - everything was spot on. Being there with my family, I had the chance to try a variety of their starters and mains, not to forget the delicious desserts that made the evening complete. Two of the dishes that stood out to me the most included their homemade "Seam Bream Ceviche", as well as their "Organic Lamb" with queso fresco and black quinoa. A real plus was also the friendly staff, that took their time to explain unknown ingredients (Would you know what "leche de tigre" is? Google it!) and made sure we were looked after at all times. I definitely recommend to anyone visiting or living in London to book a table at "Lima Floral" and experience peruvian culture in a unique and delicious kind of way!

Fashion /

This months fashion experience can't be pinpointed as one specific event or item - it's rather an overall feeling that has hit me ever since I have moved to London. The city seems to literally breathe and exhale fashion wherever you go. I have never been to a place where people are as open about experimenting with different styles and embracing the diversity of fashion. No need to buy expensive fashion magazines anymore (although I will forever be loyal to Vogue and Co.), take a seat and observe - the latest fashion extravaganza is happening right in front of you!


Food /

As much as I love the world of fine dining, I also enjoy discovering new food markets every once in a while. What better way to spend a sunny Saturday morning than strolling around different market stands, trying new foods and supporting local foodies and farmers along the way? Last weekend I went to East London to take a look and get a taste of "Broadway Market". Apart from its bold hipster clientele, sporting their mustaches and vintage denim, the great variety of food is what really caught my eye.
From cupcakes, proper whole-grain bread and even pretzels to Vietnamese Pho, green juices and steak sandwiches - Broadway Market has it all. For lunch I tried a mushroom risotto that was cooked on the spot and finished with a bit of truffle oil and arugula - fantastic!
Another advantage of Broadway Market: After eating your way through the whole culinary world, you can even pick up some beautiful flowers or homemade organic lemonade to take home.

Fashion /

Not only does London offer people with an amazingly diverse sense of style, but it's also home to some of the coolest fashion brands to satisfy ones "fashion-hunger". No wonder the Brits are in fact the world's top "fashion consumers"! One store I particularly fell in love with last month is "Jigsaw", a British fashion company that initially launched with womenswear in 1972 and has been expanding ever since. Visiting their shop in Islington I finally managed to find the perfect white blazer. Considering I even got it on sale from their spring/summer collection I couldn’t be happier about my purchase. Not only is the blazer cut impeccably, it's also made out of high quality, natural fibers (cotton and linen), so that it will hopefully last me a lifetime.

There you have it, my first few London adventures in a nutshell.
I'm excited to continue embracing the change and curious where it will take me next…


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