After spending the first half of the month back home, I headed back to London which greated me with the most beautitul, sunny spring weather. Although, the last week has been freezing the wealth of blooming trees all over the capital indicate there are warmer days to come soon. Enough talk about the weather (can you tell that I'm slowly but surely going British?), let me tell you about some of my most exciting April finds!


Bermondsey Arts Club //

This hidden Bermondsey gem opened its doors half a year ago and I finally managed to check it out last month. The bar was built in a former underground public toilet and transformed into a chic, well designed space with marble tables, dark wooden and metallic accents adding to the luxuruious yet cool art-deco feel of the space. Another fact I love about Bermondsey Arts Club - the bar is relatively small but still very inviting. There are seats available throughout the room, perfect for relaxed drinks with friends. We headed there around 9PM and they were playing old school Jazz music in the background which allowed us to have a conversation without having to scream at each other and which made me feel like I had stepped into a time machine transporting me back to the 1920s. Most of all, the cocktails were pure perfection and the service excellent!

The Denim Conversation //

I have been a skinny jeans girl for most of my youth and adulthood and do still own a couple of basic black styles form Uniqlo. However, I have recently experienced the subconscious, manipulative appeal of fashion first hand as I have officially converted into a girlfriend jeans and culottes preacher. I can't quite point out when it happened, but, this change of mind was most likely initiated by my exposure to ridiculously stylish London influencers, the fashion media and my desire of dressing differently. The funny thing about the adoption of trends - once you've gotten used to the thought of wearing them and actually make a purchase, everyone is wearing them! The other day I did some hard self-reflecting and came to the conclusion I dressed like every other 20 something London girl rocking my denim, biker jacket and Stan Smiths (I'm cheating on my Nike Airs at the moment and don't know if this love affair will ever end!). But you know what? As much as I love standing out of the crowd and wearing multi colour knitted trousers, I do also enjoy submerging in the masses every once in a while, which is absolutely fine! At last, it has true research value as you simultaneously get a feel for your generation's ever changing uniform and lifestyle.


Campania Gastronomia //

I've reported about Columbia Road flower market a couple of times before and by now it has become both a tourists' Instagram destination and an established local hangout. Although, I live south of the river, nothing really compares to a Sunday morning on Columbia Road, the dynamic of screaming sales people and the sea of colourful, fragrant blossoms. This time around my friend and I decided to check out Campania Gastronomia, a café / brunch spot which serves a British - Italian fusion of breakfast classics like fried eggs on crusty ciabatta bread and a spread of spicy salsiccia. Also, the coffee had my full approval and my friend loved their freshly pressed juice.

Last but not least, I'd like to make a book recommendation. //

I realise it's 2016 and more and more of us prefer listening to audio books or watching Ted talks to gain knowledge. Personally, I believe nothing really compares to a real, physical book, as it forces us to focus and concentrate on one thing at a time whilst stimulating our ability to fantasise and daydream - a skill, which I believe is getting increasingly important in our fast paced world. This month's recommendation was written by an Italian philosopher called Giulio Cesare Giacobbe and the original title is 'Come smettere di farsi le seghe mentali e godersi la vita'. Unfortunately, the book is merely available in German, Italian and Spanish. If you don't speak any of these languages, this could be a nice opportunity to challenge yourself and start taking on a new language, eh? Believe me, being able to read and understand this book will make it worth every. single. penny.

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