Vorld of fashion / "blickfang" part 1 - The different design trade show

I am passionate about a lot of things. One of them being design - no matter if it is related to fashion design, interior design or food. Even better? A combination of all of them. That‘s why I couldn‘t miss the design trade show "blickfang" that took place for the 22nd time in my hometown Stuttgart.
Entering the exhebition space (Stuttgart‘s concert hall, "Liederhalle") I began browsing
the interior design corner which mainly featured innovative kitchen designs this year.
Within the kitchen department the trend seemed to revolve around the question of how to shape the outdoors as a living and communication space. I particularly enjoyed the designers presented by the local furniture store "Michael Kupka", including an outdoor bar that could be transformed into a table within a few seconds and a hightech outdoor kitchen, built specifically to resist any weather conditions.

Following I went to the part of the trade show I was excited about the most, which consisted of various young fashion and accessories lables, eager to present their work.
I think it‘s great that "blickfang" featured as many fresh faces. It‘s an amazing opportunity for them to get their name out there and receive direct feedback by visitors and customers. In exchange customers can profit by the exclusive discounts and chat with the designers about the concept behind their products.

The first company I was drawn to immediately is called "Komana", founded by the swiss sisters Nina (a seamstress) and Livia, who studied design at Central St. Martin‘s in London. Their range includes a variety of clothing for men, women and even some interior pieces. Not only are the clothes handcrafted in their studio in London but the brand also promises to plant one tree in Africa in exchange for each garment sold. They also use organic materials and ethical production ways for their fabrics and print them by hand using silk screen. In my opinion their philosophy can be seen as an excellent example of how to make this world a better place through design, something I think more companies should include in their corporate identity.
Another company that stood out to me was the german brand "quelques jours de plus", which aims to make the lifes of all of us world travelers more organized and glamorous.
They produce high quality travel accessories, including makeup bags, passport holders and handbags. One of my favorite pieces was their small makeupbag made out of soft leather with a built in detachable translucent zipper bag, perfect for passing airport security. What makes it even more perfect is the fact that the bag also includes small travelsize bottles suitable to use while on the plane. The attention to detail on the one hand and the practicality of the products on the other, has made me an absolute fan of the brand. Congratulations to the mind behind the very smart yet chic designs, Jennifer Rüggeberg, who previously worked as an accessories designer for Strenesse and Joop.

Visiting the trade show was a great experience and I would highly recommend anyone living nearby to check it out!


More information about the designers I discovered...

Michael Kupka: www.michael-kupka.de
Komana: www.komana-design.com
quelques jours de plus: www.qj-de-plus.com

Coming soon: "blickfang" part 2: "Jungmi" - a lable to watch.

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